How Mobility Data Can Inform Impactful Policy Outcomes

Get key insights from NUMO's webinar panelists on how cities can use micromobility data to meet their goals and develop more impactful policy outcomes.


TRB panel recap: Cities Leading the Way on Micromobility

We gathered a panel of industry experts on the topic of shared micromobility to hear their stories and share takeaways with our audience.


In the era of new mobility, the streets of the future must change

The way we move in cities is changing, and the streets that support our movements must evolve. In the era of new mobility, we at Remix are ready to help cities plan and visualize the streets of the future.

Claudia Preciado

Director of Growth, North America & ANZ

The Scooter Data Opportunity: Cities Can Shape Their Future If They Act Now

With new shared mobility, like dockless scooters, comes an incredible opportunity to realign policies governing public space, capitalize on available data, and put cities back in charge of how streets are used.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston

MDS, GBFS, and how cities can ask for data from micromobility providers

We share an overview of GBFS and MDS, both data standards for micromobility, and our recommendations for cities including data sharing requirements as part of their micromobility programs.

Charlie Bailey

Customer Success Manager

When It Comes to Shared Scooter Regulations, Cities Know Best

Micromobility is quickly changing the transportation landscape and cities need tools to manage these new modes.

Andrew Glass Hastings

Senior Mobility Strategist

Transit Agencies Must Sell Freedom

Being able to move when you want and go where you want is a core element of personal freedom, and people engage with transit planners when the transit system is described in the context of that personal freedom.

Stephen Hunt

Principal Planner at Valley Regional Transit in Boise, ID

A Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing

As cities regulate and license new mobility services, access to anonymized data is a key tool to manage public space, create a safe and equitable transportation system, and to ensure accountability for private companies operating on public streets.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

Former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston

An Updated Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing

Several months ago our advisor, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, wrote a first draft of a Practical City Guide to Mobility Data Licensing for Remix.

Tiffany Chu

CEO & Co-founder, Remix

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix