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Why Collaborative Mapping Is The Future of Transit Planning

In recent years, transit planners have increasingly faced issues of inclusivity, sustainability, and equity. To support these community needs, approaches such as collaborative mapping can benefit both transit planners and those they serve.


What Is Route Optimization?

Route optimization in the public transit and transportation sectors is complex ranging from long-term urban planning to daily operations, the challenges can seem unmanageable. Fortunately, modern software helps meet these challenges.


Transportation Equity in Action: Reports from the Field

Remix recently hosted a webinar titled "Transportation Equity in Action: Reports from the Field". Here is a recap.


In His Own Words: Steve Anderson, Palm Tran

We caught up with Steve Anderson, Senior Transit Planner at Palm Tran in West Palm Beach, FL, to hear how Remix has changed his approach to scenario planning, cost forecasting, and communication with non-planners.