Introducing Jane 3.0, a More Accurate Jane


We are thrilled to announce a big update on how Jane navigates the physical environment: users can now customize Jane to use the pedestrian network.

For the past four years, we’ve been inspired by the creativity of our customer agencies who tell a myriad of compelling stories with Jane, Remix’s travel time isochrone that visualizes access and mobility across a transit network. One of our favorite expressions of Jane is from Stephen Hunt with Valley Region Transit in Boise, Idaho, who relied on Jane to help his agency “celebrate the notion of freedom”. He wrote, “using Jane to estimate the accessibility for different demographics, such as low-income, minority, youth or seniors, has allowed me to [market transit as freedom] to diverse audiences, and gain broad-based support for potential service changes.” Another cherished Jane memory comes from 2017, when long range planners in King County Metro (Seattle, Washington) used Jane to showcase how access changes at various transit funding scenarios. The intuitive visualizations of Jane helped the agency build consensus for their long range plan in just under 9 months, about half the time that they had anticipated.

remix platform screenshot
Jane provided King County Metro with intuitive visuals to help their riders understand what transit investment means for their own access and mobility.

Exciting! So what is Jane 3.0?

We are thrilled to announce a big update on how Jane navigates the physical environment: you can now customize Jane to use the pedestrian network, which provides a better representation of how people actually travel than the “as the crow flies” model.

jane comparison
The older version of Jane was limited to Jane walking “as the crow flies”, making it seem like Jane could walk on highways and bodies of water. Jane 3.0 brings enhanced accuracy by having Jane stick to the pedestrian network.

What does Jane 3.0 mean for you?

Jane 3.0 allows Remix users tackle questions such as, “What does Jane’s accessibility look like when taking into account the geographic limitations of highways, bridges and bodies of water?” Additionally, users are able to create more realistic visuals to share with their stakeholders to keep the conversation focused on accessibility and tradeoffs of service changes.

Jane 3.0 is more persuasive. The increased accuracy of Jane 3.0 helps planners build trust and consensus with stakeholders by providing the confidence that the analysis is realistic since it takes the community’s walking network into account.

“Professionally I’ve always liked to see the actual street network instead of generic travel sheds with concentric circles,” says Duane Wakan, a senior planner with Pierce Transit in Tacoma, Washington. Using the new version of Jane, Duane said “I was able to convince my agency’s internal stakeholders so that we could move ahead with proposed changes with the BRT plan.” Duane is excited to move forward with external stakeholder engagement now that he has achieved alignment within the agency.  “We now feel comfortable bringing these changes to the public.”

jane screenshot
With the enhanced accuracy of Jane 3.0, Duane Wakan with Pierce Transit had more confidence in sharing his analysis with stakeholders. This image was created by Duane Wakan and used in a Pierce Transit presentation.

That’s great. I love Jane 3.0! But remind me again, what was Jane 2.0?

In 2019, we increased the scope of Jane’s analysis with editable time bands, customizable wait times, demographic calculations to show access to jobs and other key services, and “Reverse Jane”, to help users understand access of a specific destination so that Jane can answer questions like, “How long does it take students across the region to get to the local community college?” or “How many people can get to the shopping district within 30 minutes?”

All this functionality is still a part of Jane, but now with enhanced accuracy.

remix platform screenshot
“Reverse Jane” (represented with the blue, green, yellow isochrones) shows how long it takes riders to reach Jane’s location via transit.

I’d love to see how Jane navigates in my city! How do I make this happen?  

We’d be happy to demonstrate Jane in your city with your transit network. Reach out to our team at and we’ll set you up.