Remix’s Equity & Access Work Gets a New Partner: Elemental Excelerator!

Rachel Zack

Director of Policy at Remix

Remix is excited to announce that we have been selected as one of seventeen companies to join Elemental Excelerator’s 8th Cohort! Elemental is a startup accelerator dedicated to improving the energy, water, transportation, and agriculture systems that impact people’s lives. Our selection from more than 800 worthy applicants makes us more determined than ever to deliver on our mission: to create more livable cities.

Remix was founded in 2014 by Tiffany Chu, Dan Getelman, Danny Whalen and Sam Hashemi following a project they built during their Code for America fellowships: a simple way for San Francisco residents to propose new transit lines to SFMTA.

Five years later, Remix is a partner to 325+ cities, helping them plan transit systems for their communities that increase access to opportunities and meet their Title VI transit equity requirements quickly and easily. We have also branched out in our service offerings: Remix now offers software to help cities design safer streets and manage shared mobility, unlocking the full transportation picture for our customers.

“Mobility equity does not stop-and-start with the fixed-route bus — it extends to the streets that bus runs on, and which infrastructure projects are prioritized.”

Mobility equity does not stop-and-start with the fixed-route bus — it extends to the roads that bus runs on, and which infrastructure projects are prioritized. It means accessing the funding necessary to incentivize mobility companies to expand to the underserved edges. It means having the time and resources to get out into the community and gather the qualitative information that makes a plan contextual and truly impactful for that community. Our work with Elemental will focus on these problems, alongside our fellow companies pursuing the Equity and Access track.

Not a P3, a C3: Cohort, Cities, and Collaboration

The Elemental Cohort is a collaborative one. We are honored to be selected alongside four other outstanding mobility companies: Numina, a mobility data company we have long admired for their focus on all street users, Bikeshare Hawaii, a system our team has come to love during our many customer visits with City and County of Honolulu, and Amply Power and KIGT who are accelerating the much needed transition to electric mobility.

As part of Elemental Excelerator, Remix will work directly with cities across the States of California and Hawaii to develop “the Title VI” for street infrastructure, because making more livable cities means understanding how to get more projects completed, and more programs on-the-ground for those who have traditionally been underserved by transportation funding dollars.

remix team
The Remix Team at Remix HQ in San Francisco, CA

Working with cities is in our blood. The challenges our customers face drive our designers and engineers to produce unmatched products. Working with Elemental will connect us with the people and resources to accelerate feature delivery and elevate information that will benefit the communities that need mobility investment most. Remix is excited to spend the next year working with Elemental Excelerator, cities and this best-in-class peer cohort to continue to fulfill our mission.

Work at a city in California or Hawaii and want to get involved? Send us a note!